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Data flow management and analytics

Flowium, the analytics solution by Flowia, offers excellent potential to innovate new data-driven services and improve the efficiency of existing ones. It helps to manage the inherent complexity of data processing and automates user-friendly business results and end customer experiences. Flowium is aware of every bit, knows what information matters, and personalizes the data content for use case. It builds on the best available domain knowledge and machine learning, which work seamlessly together, augmenting the capabilities.

Data productization and monetization

Flowia helps customers gain the full potential of the data they produce. Many opportunities are hidden in the business environment and partner networks, only waiting to be discovered with proper data access and data understanding. By combining technology and business knowhow, data products can be defined and delivered to business partners and third parties for value-added use. New markets for data trading are in place and organizations need to begin monetizing their data streams, as well as to buy and use new data from the markets.

Why Flowia?

Our ambitious vision is, that data flows are used in their full potential in the business networks and society at large, which leads to more efficient and meaningful businesses and end customer experiences.


1: Data flow optimization

Flowia can enhance your existing data processes by increasing the value of the data and insights. Discovering trends and anomalies, creating predictions and activating actions based on data driven intelligence, Flowia lifts up your business to a new level.

2: Analytics outsourced to flowia

Implementation of effective analytics solution and access to right competences can be challenging. Flowia can act as your analytics and data science department by operating the intelligent data processes for you. 

3: Data and insight monetization

Data can be re-used infinite times while the value of it depends on the context. Data economy i.e. monetizing data outside of its core use, can offer significant opportunities for additional revenue and benefits. Privacy, security and controlled process of monetization ensure opening of new business potential for companies in all industry sectors. Flowia is your trusted partner to build and operate data monetization.

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